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While redoing their own home, Camille and Jonart Banks started The Muted Home to sell high quality flatware and kitchen goods. As orders began to roll in in higher numbers, the design-minded Georgia-based small business hit a ceiling with the amount of time spent on shipping and kicked off a search for operations help.

Here’s their story.


Before Airhouse, we were self-fulfilling all of our orders. We started our own company to give ourselves the freedom to do what we love, but getting shipments out on time became difficult very fast, and we realized that we also couldn’t even leave town if we wanted to because the entire business would be put on pause. So, we decided early on that we needed to find a fulfillment partner.

When we began our search, we quickly learned that a lot happens behind the scenes in a warehouse, and some warehouses are way more hands-on than others. It was clear that they also have different quality standards. We pride ourselves on providing a great customer experience—I’m not comfortable accepting someone’s money and sending their orders late, or incorrectly. So, we wanted to ensure we could deliver the customer experience that we would want ourselves, and fulfillment is a big piece of that.

We save so much time with Airhouse. We get at least one to two days a week back now that we’re not packing and shipping orders.

Co-founder of The Muted Home


Choosing Airhouse was easy. After comparing different options, Airhouse was the best by far. The rates were fair, straightforward and competitive for our order volume, and the process was extremely friendly and clear, too—I understood exactly what I needed to do to get started and what it would cost.

A few months after onboarding, we saw the benefit of using Airhouse when our orders tripled in one month. There’s no way we could have shipped everything out with just the two of us. While growth was a fantastic problem to have, it can easily go the other way if you or your warehouse can’t handle it, so we were grateful to be working with Airhouse.

We’re a Shopify-based business but plan to sell on Amazon in the future. It’s great to know that Airhouse can help us with both channels, and we only need to have one system and one warehouse instead of figuring out how to move inventory around. We don’t need to do any extra setup beyond using a plugin which makes our lives much easier.

The service has been so helpful, too, that at this point, I feel like I would honestly die without an Account Manager. It’s clear that we’re not just a number. I couldn’t imagine sending our product somewhere and having no way of reaching anyone to know what’s going on, or getting a customer service line. The team really owns issues and resolves them quickly. There isn’t a ton of back and forth, and I know things will get ironed out.

During COVID, logistics has been a circus but having an Account Manager has minimized lots of noise— a few issues with shipping carriers, duplicate orders—whatever it is, our Account Manager gets it fixed and keeps us updated. They’re not onsite with the warehouse team, but we know what’s going on with our orders and inventory all the time, and Airhouse is transparent and quick to resolve problems. At the end of the day, the fulfillment is consistent, and having a dedicated point person to manage everything is part of the beauty of Airhouse.

Given how critical it is, while it wasn’t easy to give up control over fulfillment, we realized that it’s okay to hand it over to Airhouse, and it has been nothing but rewarding.

Co-founders Camille and Jonart Banks

This is our first time outsourcing fulfillment, but we’ve heard horror stories. Airhouse is a crucial partner and exceeded our expectations at every turn.

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