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Modern, all-in-one
ecommerce operations

Airhouse helps direct-to-consumer companies get orders from factory to front door. Sync your shop, send inventory, and you’re all set.

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Airhouse is more than fulfillment.

Build a complex operation for your growth needs, right out of the box. No engineers, extra ops time or hand holding needed.

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Airhouse connects to your store in seconds, with no extra workarounds or plugins. All of your data is always in sync: orders, product data, inventory, tracking and more.

Center your unique brand

Airhouse is designed with common direct-to-consumer branding needs in mind, from adding inserts to using custom packaging setups and more, it's all included.

Map shipping to cart

Set different shipping speeds in cart for free, standard, expedited and overnight shipping. Automate domestic and international shipping with customs support.

Pick, pack, ship

We have the fulfillment basics covered. After receiving inventory and setting your preferences, watch as orders come in and ship out, with no work from you.

Sort inventory

Keep track of inventory and relocate units across multiple Airhouse warehouses, digitally hold stock, and see outbound units.

Simple pricing

One rate, no hidden fees. Airhouse's pricing is tailored for how you actually run your operations and is easy to forecast, with detailed invoicing.

No more telephone

Offload fulfillment-related customer support and leverage Airhouse’s in-house operations team to field and resolve customer order inquiries faster.

Superpowered service

Whether over email, phone, or Slack, chat with your dedicated Account Manager to troubleshoot issues and receive expert advice, night and day.

Experiment with sales

Set up and automate fulfillment for different sales channels. Ship standard orders, promos for partners and influencers and cartons or pallets to large retailers in one platform.

Map multiple shipping rates and speeds from warehouse to cart

Queue presales and backorders
to avoid overselling

Split single orders to ship
in multiple shipments

Get x-ray vision into your inventory: reserve units, turn on/off locations and retire SKUs

Send inventory to the warehouse in seconds with Airhouse's SKU Memory


Meet the Airhouse Task Engine 
With Airhouse, fine-tune complex order, inventory and shipping logic to prevent costly order errors and experiment with sales with one click. No engineering. No plugins.

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Airhouse is the whole package. We love the price for the value they offer. The team is super hands-on, very personal, and goes out of their way to solve our problems. We’re big fans.

Co-Founder, Caldo

Behind the Scenes

The last warehouse you’ll ever need.

Airhouse feels like one warehouse, but behind the scenes we’re bigger than that. You work with us, while we constantly search for, test, negotiate, integrate, and partner with the best warehouse facilities and teams, weeding out the duds. That goes for shipping carriers, freight partners, and other vendors, too.

The benefits? Lightning fast onboarding, simplified pricing, streamlined services, custom tech, robust guarantees, and no more “cross-your-fingers- and-hope-it-works.” Scale up, move around, and never transfer warehouses again.

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Airhouse helped us kick off new growth programs, like selling wholesale and working with influencers, with easy setup and rates. We couldn’t do any of this with our last warehouse.

Founder + CEO of Not Pot

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