How to Build Resilient D2C Operations

COVID-19 has upended manufacturing and shipping, preventing many of us from making real changes to our fulfillment strategy in the short term. D2C brands know that given the uncertainty in today's world, graduating to a more sophisticated logistics strategy in 2021 is the only way to win. This session will discuss challenges to expect through Q4 2020, how to build a plan, and how to kick off 2021 with more resilient operations. This was recorded during the FounderMade Executive D2C Summit (Oct 2020) with Sarah Siwak, Airhouse Co-Founder.

Fast forward:

4:20 - Past Context: Q1-Q3. How has COVID changed operations and fulfillment?
8:59 - Context for Q4. What might we encounter during the holidays?
15:00 - Prep for Q4: What can you do to prep for potential Q4 slowdowns and disruptions and still have a successful holiday season?
31:30 - Prep for Q1: How should you research logistics solutions? How can you kick off 2021 strong? How should you build a stronger ops tech stack?
46:10 - Q&A

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