Use our international network of warehouses, or just one.

Either way, we’ve got the space and expertise you need to scale and cut down on costs.

Modern fulfillment at the intersection of software and service

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Through our proprietary software and unique managed warehouse network, we provide global, end-to-end fulfillment delivery for your ecommerce brand.

We carefully vet all of our warehouses.

To create a truly one-of-a-kind fulfillment network.

Month vetting process
Dimensions evaluated
Automated quality assurance at all locations
Inventory insurance
Warehouse relocation
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The Airhouse Network

Snap in to an exclusive warehouse network

With our vetted, best-in-class, and international network of warehouses you can rest easy knowing that your every storage, inventory, and fulfillment need is handled professionally. 

Whether your online store is getting off the ground or you’re a sophisticated ecommerce business, our managed network can meet your needs now and as you grow.


Lower costs, ship faster, scale confidently

Our warehouses are distributed internationally so you can store and ship your product in the region that makes the most sense for your business. With a tech-enabled, multi-warehouse approach, speed comes naturally.

Automatically ship products from the warehouse closest to your customer’s final destination—cutting down on costs and ramping up customer satisfaction.

And as your business accelerates growth, outgrowing your warehouse and optimizing shipping costs are common, yet daunting, challenges. By taking a multi-warehouse approach, you’ll never have to worry about running out of space.

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Airhouse inventory dashboard


Move stock between warehouses

Optimizing where your inventory is stored will greatly reduce shipping costs. Move your stock between warehouses—at the click of a button—and realize savings instantly.


International shipping…with domestic rates

With Airhouse, start shipping internationally within weeks—not months—at the same rates you're used to when shipping domestically. When you can eliminate the complexity of duties and customs, you can expand your customer base and grow the bottom line.

International shipping with domestic rates through Airhouse
Temper is a happy Airhouse customer
Airhouse customer Temper
"With Airhouse, our customer complaints have gone down 85% and we're now able to focus on the thoughtful customer relationship building we have been wanting to prioritize."
Matt Mayberry, cofounder of Temper

Co-Founder of Temper

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A powerful 3PL network


Airhouse makes it easy to hit the ground running with native cart and carrier integrations.

Airhouse easily integrates with your ecommerce software

Software and services

Discover end-to-end fulfillment capabilities through services backed by custom-built software.

Reporting and operations management all from one place with Airhouse

Operations and reporting

Optimize the performance of your operations with access to real-time insights and fulfillment data.

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