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We believe it should be easy for modern brands to get their products in the hands of customers. As the former Founder and Head of Marketing at Shyp, a consumer platform aimed at taking the pain out of shipping, we spent years creating new warehouse and shipping technology. Along the way, we developed an intimate understanding of how challenging fulfillment has become.

Over the past few years, a surge in ecommerce has brought us to a critical tipping point. While tools have emerged to run nearly every aspect of a consumer product business, how those products actually get to customers hasn’t kept pace. The traditional fulfillment format does not apply to modern businesses, so it’s time for one that does. 

With this goal in mind, we created Airhouse, an end-to-end operations and logistics platform for modern ecommerce companies. We work with companies making the next generation of consumer goods—from gear and gadgets to snacks and beverages—to make distributing them as easy as flipping a switch. 

By automating dozens of workflows and integrations with a customizable solution, we manage distribution from factory to front door and empower tomorrow’s beloved brands to focus on what’s most important: creating products and building their brand. Our platform is like having an all-in-one, cloud-based warehouse that maintains itself—an Airhouse.

Co-Founders, Airhouse

" Airhouse’s modern and software-focused approach to ecommerce operations is just the thing I wish we had when starting Casper. Having a partner provide a custom solution that grew alongside us would have saved us time, resources, and capital. "

Co-Founder, Casper

" Outsourcing fulfillment is one of the best ways for retailers to thrive in the modern ecommerce environment, but existing solutions are incomplete and take months to implement. By combining modern software with deep operational expertise, Airhouse is the first solution that handles all aspects of ecommerce logistics, allowing businesses to stay nimble, reduce costs, and scale rapidly. "

Co-Founder, Shipstation

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