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Airhouse is boldly changing the 3PL industry.

We believe every DTC brand’s path to unfettered growth relies on simple and cost-effective fulfillment at every stage of its lifecycle—from launch to exit. So we took everything that’s broken about working directly with a 3PL and fixed it.
Meet our founders
Airhouse co-founder Kevn Gibbon

Kevin Gibbon

Co-Founder & CEO
Airhouse cofounder Sarah Siwak
Sarah Siwak
“We started Airhouse just as fulfillment providers like Shipbob and Deliverr were gaining traction. We knew their owned-warehouse models were too similar to the traditional 3PLs that couldn’t meet the agility and scalability needs of modern DTC brands, so we took a different approach to simple, scalable, and cost-efficient fulfillment.

The old fulfillment model limits growth. Owned infrastructure is slow to expand, so you quickly hit space or labor constraints. When your warehouses all follow the same operating procedures, you lose flexibility when making changes to projects like kitting, bundling, barcoding, etc. The model forces you to manage outdated and complicated technology and operational complexity—often with little help. About that…getting support and service feels like pulling teeth.

We sought to make all this less painful by breaking the mold and reimagining how a fulfillment partnership should meet the needs of modern DTC brands.”
— Kevin Gibbon & Sarah Siwak
The Airhouse Network overview

The Airhouse Network is a fundamental shift in how 3PLs operate

With Airhouse, you get the same table stakes: low-cost, high-capacity fulfillment. What’s different is how we operate and manage our network, so you don’t need to change providers as you grow. Whether you need to add wholesale to your DTC strategy or expand into an international warehouse, it’s as easy as integrating with us, sending us your inventory, and finding the best-fit warehouse(s) within our network.
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Add wholesale to your DTC strategy with our EDI-compliant systems.
Add products of varying shapes and sizes to your portfolio, and leave the packaging and shipping logistics to us.
Expand across borders without added complexity by storing your products in our international warehouses—saving on shipping costs.
Scale back or throttle forward with omnichannel fulfillment based on what channels make the most sense for your business.

Rapid experimentation

The beauty of our network is its flexibility—allowing you to pivot as quickly as you need to. We’ve seen that the growth plans of DTC companies can be experimental—especially as you start to scale. Airhouse is built for that optionality and can accommodate multiple strategies. Whether you’re strictly DTC, fulfill B2B, or simply want to test all possible channels, Airhouse’s warehouse network can work for any ecommerce strategy—preventing you from having to appraise new options in six months (or sooner).
Where it all started

Airhouse’s humble beginnings

Before Airhouse, it started with Shyp.

One of our founders—Kevin—launched Shyp, a consumer shipping company, with multiple warehouses around the United States. Users could take a picture of a product, we would pick it up, package it, and ship it anywhere in the world. 

At Shyp we raised $60M to build custom warehouse management systems, courier networks, and highly customized pick and pack stations. We managed more complexity in shipment variability than most ecommerce companies—shipping a chandelier one moment and a keychain the next. It didn’t take long to learn that owning physical warehouses is limiting at best, prohibiting brands from flexing up capacity, lowering rates, and adding strategic locations.

With that expertise around what DTC brands actually need from their warehouses and logistics partners, we started Airhouse.


Shyp is founded


Airhouse is founded
Airhouse raises seed round for $5.5M



Airhouse partners with SEKO Logistics to expand internationally
Airhouse launches first warehouse in UK


Airhouse launches first warehouse in Canada
Airhouse support

Airhouse’s service is second to none, literally

An order can go wrong in a myriad of places. Working with typical 3PLs is an exercise in inefficiency and telephone—constantly trying to get in touch with someone who can help.

We handle both fulfillment strategy and execution, of course, but unlike traditional 3PLs, we also act as an extension of your operations team. 

With other 3PLs, all of the in-between operations and engineering tasks like custom integrations, specific operational capabilities, cost structure negotiation, new shipping carrier integrations, inventory splitting, and so on will fall to you. Those who choose not to partner with Airhouse often accidentally build something like our model in terms of team size and the technology required to manage complex outsourced fulfillment. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Let us manage the complexity so you can remain a lean organization.
Airhouse Operations Manager Andrew Orozco
Andrew Orozco
Operations Manager
Airhouse Customer Success Manager RIvajoy Haas-Rich
Rivajoy Haas-Rich
Customer Success Manager
Overall, Airhouse has just freed up our time to focus on our sales and marketing, which significantly drives growth for our brand. Shipping products out yourself takes away from selling, or getting in front of the customer, or trying to reach new customers.

David Bronkie

Co-Founder, Siblings

The team

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We’re a friendly, remote-first bunch of DTC-loving logistics experts distributed around the world.
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