Modern fulfillment services backed by custom-built software

Orders are automatically sent from your online store to our warehouses, where inventory is picked, packed, and shipped to your customers around the globe.
Airhouse dashboard

Modern fulfillment at the intersection of software and service

Airhouse dashboard
Through our proprietary software and unique managed warehouse network, we provide global, end-to-end fulfillment delivery for your ecommerce brand.

All of the good and none of the bad.

At last, reliable fulfillment built for breakneck growth.

On-time order processing
Order and inventory accuracy
B2C order turnaround avg., 
24h guarantee
B2B order turnaround avg
Inventory receiving
Map displaying warehouse locations for accurate fulfillment

Network Performance

Astonishingly accurate fulfillment

Airhouse manages a network of high-throughput, high-quality warehouses across the United States and beyond that seamlessly integrate with your ecommerce store to offer >99% on-time order processing and >99.5% accuracy.

Customer Performance

Unparalleled customer service

Airhouse’s Account Management and onsite Operations teams regularly get five-star reviews and go the extra mile to keep your fulfillment running smoothly.

Acting as an extension of your team to tackle issues big or small, if something goes wrong, you’re not alone. Your dedicated team proactively monitors your brand’s operations on your behalf and will flag issues as they occur—before they impact your business. All this, with an average response time of less than two hours


Start shipping in one week (or less)

You read that right. Our proprietary software connects your ecommerce store to our warehouse network without the need for custom integrations or engineers. Get up and running and start shipping in one week or less.


Free warehouse and shipping consultation

Modern fulfillment is a big investment. After all, your warehouse operations and order delivery time is the crux of any successful ecommerce brand. With Airhouse, you’re getting more than best-in-class technology and services. You’re investing in decades of expertise and a network of entrepreneurs who can help you grow and scale.


Headache-free reverse logistics

Returns are an essential logistical consideration for any ecommerce retailer. Airhouse streamlines the reverse logistics process—assessing items for damage, restocking, and processing so you can forget about the details.

Pick, pack, ship

Fully hands-off shipping

A mere component of fulfillment, our pick and pack services are far from an afterthought. After receiving inventory and setting your preferences in the Airhouse platform, watch as orders come in and ship out, with no work from you. Whether your orders are B2B or B2C, we offer shipping that matches your sales strategy—any order, anywhere.

Custom Rules and Logic

Process orders your own way

From partial fulfillment to updating inventory, the Airhouse dashboard provides quick and easy access to customize how your orders are processed.


Unrivaled kitting, customization & more

Airhouse is designed with common direct-to-consumer branding needs in mind. From adding inserts to using custom packaging setups and more, it's all included.

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Airhouse customer Magic Wand
“As a lean team, I oversee all operations, performance marketing, and retail efforts, so the more time I can spend out of things like fulfillment management, the better it is for the business. I can easily say that using Airhouse has proven to be a huge time-saving decision for our business.”

President of Magic Mind

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A powerful 3PL network


Airhouse makes it easy to hit the ground running with native cart and carrier integrations.

Airhouse Network

Leverage our international network of warehouses so you can cut down on costs and scale your business.

Reporting and operations management all from one place with Airhouse

Operations and reporting

Optimize the performance of your operations with access to real-time insights and fulfillment data.

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