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When you have access to real-time insights and fulfillment data, you’re able to predict inventory issues, track orders, forecast product demand, and maximize revenue.
Airhouse inventory dashboard

Modern fulfillment at the intersection of software and service

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Through our proprietary software and unique managed warehouse network, we provide global, end-to-end fulfillment delivery for your ecommerce brand.
Order data through the Airhouse dashboard


Get data in real-time

Log into one platform to manage all of your fulfillment needs across B2C and B2B—accessing real-time insight into the status of every order, return, and piece of inventory in the warehouse. The Airhouse dashboard is built by Silicon Valley-based engineers, so technology is at the core of everything we do.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory like it’s still in your garage

Know the status of your stock at any given moment. With an inventory management dashboard at your fingertips, it’s like having a direct line of sight into your warehouse.

Airhouse inventory dashboard
Transparent invoicing and billing with Airhouse

Invoicing and Billing

Truly transparent billing

Fulfillment costs can be complex—riddled with hidden fees. At Airhouse, we provide you with line-item billing that covers everything from warehouse expenses like pick and storage fees to shipping costs like zones and fuel surcharges. Understand the cost of every order with itemized receipts, accessible through your dashboard.

POs/ASN Management

Manage restock

Managing returns is time-consuming, to say the least, but even if you manage to get your product back to the warehouse, the job isn’t done. With the Airhouse dashboard, get enhanced visibility into the status of returned items, view detailed counts for items received and restocked, and send relevant returns notes to the warehouse if items are damaged, etc.

Airhouse restock dashboard
SKU management through the Airhouse dashboard


A little data can go a long way

Operating a high-growth brand means making a lot of predictions. Enhance your best guesses by forecasting more accurately than ever before. With access to insights about your orders, inventory, returns, and pricing, you can grow confidently and do what’s right for your customers.

Siblings is a happy Airhouse customer
Siblings is another happy Airhouse customer
"In the last two and a half years, I think we’ve had four or five misships, which out of thousands upon thousands upon thousands of orders is incredible."

Co-Founder at Siblings

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Airhouse makes it easy to hit the ground running with native cart and carrier integrations.

Airhouse Network

Leverage our international network of warehouses so you can cut down on costs and scale your business.

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Discover end-to-end fulfillment capabilities through services backed by custom-built software.

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