How to Launch and Scale a D2C Brand

Co-Founder Sarah Siwak sat down with ecommerce brand founders for a candid conversation on the ins and outs of launching and scaling successful D2C brands. 

In this panel, founders of Bask Suncare, Brrrn, and Siblings discuss their learnings and go over what you need to know to get your idea off the ground to become a fast scaling business. 

This was recorded for the FounderMade Power Hour event series (Aug 2021).

Fast forward:

1:45 - Sarah Siwak / Airhouse Intro
2:35 - Founder Intros
2:54 - Johnny Adamic, Founder, Brrrn
4:55 - David Bronkie, Co-Founder, Siblings
7:22 - Mike Huffstetler, Founder & CEO, Bask Suncare
9:36 - Why D2C? Why did you decide to sell D2C and where do other sales channels factor into your strategy, i.e. working with retailers, selling on marketplace like Amazon, etc.?
17:03 - Data What data is most important for your team to measure to fuel your growth? What metrics do you track?
23:25 - Brand Awareness What's the best way to get your brand out there? Is it ads, focus groups, or something else?
25:25 - Before the First Order What key steps are involved before you being selling and shipping orders? How long did it take to find manufacturers and make your idea a reality?
28:35 - Manufacturing How did you find your manufacturers? What challenges did you encounter when actually creating the product?
31:40 - Logistics Learnings What was most complex to learn or navigate about logistics in general?
35:51 - Packaging Selling primarily D2C means that your customers mostly interact with shipments, not people or storefronts. How did you approach packaging and designing the customer experience?
40:30 - Key Learnings What's the hardest thing right now about building an ecommerce company? If you were to start a second ecommerce company, what would you do differently? What advice would you give to folks just starting out?
45:44 - Hiring Talent On the talent front, what are some tips on finding a good D2C person to lead efforts? What do you look for when thinking about bringing someone on? Who would the best first marketing hire?
52:18 - Marketing What are the very first steps in building an email list? Is paid social still profitable and relevant?
55:00 - Fulfillment Did you consider self-fulfillment at the start of your business? What are the pros and cons?

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