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New feature: Carrier-Calculated Checkout Rates

Feb 17, 2023





Airhouse Introduces Carrier-Calculated Checkout Rates

Let’s state the obvious: shipping is expensive. Especially if you’re shipping items that are bulky, heavy, or traveling a long distance—to name a few factors of influence. But even if you’re not, inefficient shipping processes and poor price negotiation can incur unnecessary costs for your business (or customers). That’s why we’re launching Carrier-Calculated Checkout Rates. 

Introducing Carrier-Calculated Checkout Rates

Available today, Carrier-Calculated Checkout Rates grant Airhouse customers the ability to customize the shipping options they provide at checkout (carrier and method). What’s more, this new feature calculates actual shipping rates and displays the cheapest options for your customers at checkout.

Carrier-Calculated Checkout Rates are currently available for shipments originating in and shipping to the United States, with broader support coming soon.

Benefits of Carrier-Calculated Checkout Rates

As mentioned, calculated shipping rates are determined at checkout by a third-party shipping carrier based on the details of the order. This feature helps you charge your customers the exact amount that a shipping carrier, such as UPS or FedEx, will charge when purchasing a shipping label. 

To go a little further, Airhouse customers using this feature can:

  • Set up shipping preferences directly in Airhouse
  • Offer customers the cheapest shipping method available across multiple shipping speeds (economy, standard, expedited, and overnight)
  • Customize which shipping carriers you offer and how options are displayed in the checkout cart
  • Accurately charge customers for the cost of shipping their order
  • Upcharge on the cost of shipping, either a percentage or flat rate

To learn more about this feature and how to get it set up in your account, check out our help article.

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