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Going Global: Announcing Airhouse’s Partnership with SEKO Logistics

Oct 5, 2022





Today we’re announcing an international partnership with SEKO Logistics that will empower the brands using the Airhouse fulfillment platform to expand their operations globally. Our customers now have access to SEKO’s best-in-class facilities, broadening their customer reach internationally while reaping the benefits of local fulfillment costs—regardless of where they’re based. The partnership kicks off in the United Kingdom with plans to expand to other prime ecommerce markets in North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond. 

This is an exciting milestone for our customers because they can now charge local shipping rates on international orders—bringing shipping costs on a standard direct-to-consumer package down from as much as $40 to as little as $5. And their customers won’t be stuck waiting for an international item to cross customs or pay duties upon receipt. Working alongside SEKO means our brands’ products can be shipped locally and arrive in as soon as 1-2 days. 

With a 40-country global network, SEKO is one of the best direct-to-consumer 3PLs in the world. Now, the brands we work with benefit from access to state-of-the-art warehouses across the globe that have historically been out of reach due to high order minimums. For small and fast-growing brands, working with traditional 3PLs is extremely time-consuming and takes up a lot of operational resources. Expanding internationally is an even more daunting task with brands spending as much as 1-2 years figuring it out. By creating a platform that powers fulfillment from factory to front door, we’re leveling the playing field for these emerging brands to access such a high quality partner even if they’re just getting started.

Airhouse solves for the host of inefficiencies brands traditionally face when tackling ecommerce logistics on their own: outdated and inefficient software, inconsistent and non-transparent pricing, poor and mismanaged quality control, and a fractured and unscalable fulfillment process. And the benefits aren’t limited to our customers—our partners benefit from our platform as well. For SEKO, we streamline the process of serving these types of ambitious, emerging customers, which can range from DTC start-ups to businesses doing up to $100 million in annual revenues.

Here’s what David Emerson, Senior Vice President of SEKO Ecommerce, had to say about partnering with Airhouse: 

What we’ve learned since SEKO became one of the first entrants in the increasingly global ecommerce fulfillment market back in 2011 is that a lot of brands grow extremely quickly. The beauty of Airhouse and SEKO is that we allow brands to focus on what they do best while they leverage our core technology, logistics, and fulfillment strengths. The market potential is vast. Airhouse estimates that only 10-15% of the thousands of brands it is working with are shipping internationally. Together, we are going to empower them to grow globally. It will allow UK customers to buy from these predominantly US based brands as if they were based in the UK because their shipping prices will be significantly lower.

If you are running a next generation consumer brand and want to reach your true potential by focusing on what you’re best at while we handle getting your products in the hands of customers, request a free demo today.

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