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New! Order hold, drilldown, and more

Sep 14, 2021





We’ve recently added new features to the Airhouse dashboard to help you gain even more control over how your orders enter and leave the warehouse.

Drill Down Deeper

If you drill down into your orders, we've added new data for each order in Airhouse:

  • Shipping method
  • All order IDs used throughout the fulfillment process, including those only used within the warehouse and on packing slips
  • Links between duplicate and original orders, e.g. for when you create replacement orders
  • Quantities for available and purchased units (if an item is out of stock and oversold)

Hold, Edit, Delete

We've also added new ways to manage orders within the dashboard to tackle specific order scenarios:

  • Hold unfulfilled orders, and release this hold at your convenience
  • Add, remove, or change quantities of SKUs in orders
  • Cancel unfulfilled orders
  • Delete Airhouse-specific orders (e.g. not from Shopify or Squarespace)
  • Filter orders you've held, edited, and cancelled

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