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New! Integration with Squarespace

Jun 4, 2021





Since our launch in June 2020, our team has been at work adding new features to help high-growth businesses hand off and automate parts of their ecommerce operations. Due to high demand, today we’re excited to announce a new integration we’ve built for Squarespace.

This new integration enables you to easily connect with Airhouse and outsource your fulfillment in just a few clicks. Using the integration, shop owners on Squarespace can automatically:

  • Sync product listings to Airhouse for fulfillment
  • Hand off orders for fulfillment to Airhouse
  • Set up shipping options and map them to Airhouse to offer customers different shipping speeds
  • Automate tracking and shipping notifications when Airhouse ships an order

From start to finish, as with our Shopify integration, the process is seamless and hands-free. You can read more about the integration here.

Squarespace launch promotion

Are you or a friend you know looking to improve your fulfillment? Through July 15, we’re offering companies on Squarespace that sign up to use Airhouse a $500 credit to get started. Customers must sign by July 15 and begin shipping within 60 days. Existing customers that refer Squarespace shop owners will receive a $300 credit in turn. The credit will apply on your first invoice and can be applied towards any Airhouse service, including shipping, fulfillment, storage or other fees.

Contact us to learn more.

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