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New Feature: Self-Service Order Processing

Jul 10, 2023





The Self-Service Order Processing feature from Airhouse allows users to override fulfillment rules on a per-order basis.

Fulfillment is constantly in flux. Even the most well-oiled fulfillment machine should be equipped to let ecommerce brands make adjustments on the fly to keep orders going out on time. 

To make these adjustments easier, we’ve introduced Self-Service Order Processing to the Airhouse platform. This new feature gives you greater control over individual orders, allowing you to override your fulfillment settings on a per-order basis without having to contact your Account Manager. 

Introducing Self-Service Order Processing with Airhouse

Self-Service Order Processing puts more control in your hands by allowing you to flag high-priority orders and bypass system safeguards on a case-by-case basis with the click of a button. With this tool, you can ensure your customers have the experience they expect from your brand while saving your team time and resources. 

On individual order pages, you’ll now find a series of toggles on the left that serve three primary functions: 

  • Set High Priority — By flagging an order as High Priority, you can force it to the top of the queue of orders with a New status. High Priority orders will be processed and fulfilled ahead of other New orders, regardless of when the order was submitted. Orders set to High Priority will be fulfilled in the order in which they were flagged as priorities.
  • Bypass Checks — This will allow you to direct Airhouse to fulfill an order regardless of the predefined rules in Airhouse. (For example: You may flag an order destined for Europe, which is typically not fulfilled by Airhouse, to be fulfilled anyway.) This will also override Shopify financial status. 
  • Enable Partial Fulfillment  — When this is toggled on, an order may be sent in multiple shipments. While partial fulfillment may typically be disabled to avoid split shipments, Enable Partial Fulfillment could come in handy if a particular item is on backorder or otherwise unavailable. When this is toggled on, individual items will be shipped as they become available. It’s important to note that each individual shipment will incur its own fulfillment and shipping costs. 

Each of these overrides will be enabled after a 60-second delay, so there’s no need to worry if you flag an order by accident or change your mind. Once an order has moved from New status to In Progress, these toggles will be disabled for that particular order. 

Benefits of Self-Service Order Processing

You’ve set your fulfillment rules in Airhouse and your ecommerce store with purpose—they keep your operations predictable. But now and then, the unexpected can throw all that rationale out the window. 

Here are just a few examples of when you may want to override your fulfillment rules: 

  • Set High Priority: A customer opted to pay for an expedited shipping method at checkout, so you want to be sure they receive their order ASAP.
  • Set High Priority: A critical retailer places a large wholesale order, and you want to be sure it’s prioritized over DTC orders.
  • Bypass Checks: You are in the process of refunding an order, but want the customer to receive their shipment anyway.
  • Enable Partial Fulfillment: A popular SKU is delayed in arriving from the manufacturer, but you want to continue taking orders that include that SKU. The rest of the items can be shipped ASAP.

With this new feature, you have the power to make these changes quickly and easily, without starting an email thread with your Account Manager. This keeps your operations nimble and makes it easier to ensure your customers are receiving top-notch service, even when they fall outside of the normal order of things. 

You can learn more about how to use Self-Service Order Management in our Help Docs. Or, if this sounds like a feature that would benefit your business and don’t currently use Airhouse, schedule a call with one of our fulfillment experts

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