Compare Airhouse to other fulfillment providers.

The traditional fulfillment model limits growth. Airhouse is designed to meet the agility and scalability needs of modern DTC brands. See why ecommerce companies choose our managed network approach over competitors.

See how Airhouse stacks up to the competition

Airhouse is designed to empower high-growth ecommerce brands to effortlessly scale fulfillment operations.

Product and service features
Enterprise 3PL
Fulfillment Model
G2 rating
4.9/5 ⭐️
3.3/5 ⭐️
Fulfillment centers (US)
Fulfillment centers (International)
40 countries
6 countries
Rigorously tested, managed warehouse network
A la carte pricing model
Dedicated Account Manager
Proactive, on-site quality control
Risk-free trial period
Multi-warehousing capability
Choose your warehouse locations
No manual setup required to automatically route orders
Automatic load-balancing without merchant's knowledge
Capabilities Operational
Expiration and lot tracking
B2B order fulfillment
Purchase orders can be submitted through the platform
Warehouse manages retailer requirements
Warehouse manages labeling and documentation
Warehouse coordinates freight
Climate control
Required order minimum
Max. product weight supported
150 lbs
50 lbs
Custom-branded packaging
Packaging low stock alerts
Capabilities Technical
Project requests and management in-platform
Custom logic
Supported in-platform
Some in-platform; some require customer support
Order fulfillment delays
SKU-based rules
Virtual bundling
Carrier-calculated shipping rates at checkout
Order management
Supported in-platform
Supported in-platform
Real-time order status
Order holds and cancellations
Returns tracking
Inventory management
Supported in-platform
Supported in-platform
Real-time inventory levels across locations
Custom reorder notifications
Receiving scheduler in-platform
Integrations with leading ecommerce platforms
Some direct; some middleware
Open API allows for custom integration engineering
Warehouse-supplied and managed EDI technology
Same-day DTC order fulfillment
72-hour B2B order fulfillment
72-hour receiving
Inventory protection
Contractual shrinkage rate
Cash reimbursement for lost or damaged goods
Up to $50,000
Up to $2,000
Error protection
Itemized invoice accessible in-platform
Per-order costs
Per-order line items (pick & pack fees, base shipping, carrier surcharges)
Pick & pack
Calculated per order
Variable flat rate
Shipping rates
Determined by weight, size, destination
Standardized pricing plan
Implementation fee
Account fee
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Further compare fulfillment providers

On average, DTC brands evaluate 8-12 3PLs before they choose a partner. Learn why Airhouse wins time and time again.

Further compare fulfillment models

We found that the traditional fulfillment model limits ecommerce brands’ growth. Learn how we approach logistics differently.

Tech-enabled 3PL

ShipBob gives you a cookie cutter. Airhouse writes your recipe.

ShipBob handles a ton of volume, but customers who switch say they value our custom solutions and top-notch customer service.

Local 3PL

Locally owned and operated 3PLs are a great start. Airhouse is there for what comes next.

Mom-and-pop 3PLs keep fulfillment simple and local, but their limited size and capabilities rarely keep up with high-growth ecommerce brands.

Enterprise 3PL

Enterprise 3PLs speak logistics. Airhouse speaks human.

Enterprise-level 3PLs run highly sophisticated, impersonal operations, but our customers feel like the big fish in the pond.

Trusted by leading high-growth brands

Need more info? We’ve got you covered.

Is it easy to switch to Airhouse?

When you join Airhouse, you’ll be assigned an Account Manager who will help determine the smoothest and most cost-effective way to start fulfilling with us, whether you’re sending inventory for the first time or transitioning from another provider. Through our direct integration with Shopify, you can start shipping with us in as little as one week.

We understand that every company’s fulfillment strategy will look different, and we’re committed to delivering a seamless onboarding experience through hands-on support.

Is Airhouse a 3PL?

Airhouse is an all-in-one fulfillment platform for high-growth direct-to-consumer brands, but we don’t really consider ourselves a 3PL. The old fulfillment model limits growth. The Airhouse Network is agile, flexible, and diverse, meeting our customers’ needs as they grow—from wholesale fulfillment to international expansion—and allowing our team to focus on providing high-quality support.

How much volume can Airhouse support?

Airhouse is here to support the world’s disruptors—whether you’re just getting started or DTC’s newest household name. We work with brands of all shapes and sizes, and our world-class warehouse network can support any order volume.

How can I get help when I need it?

Forget help portals, days-long waits for a reply, and repeatedly explaining your brand and your needs. Every Airhouse customer has a direct line of communication to their dedicated Account Manager, who is there to proactively monitor your operations, provide consultative support, and act as your warehouse ambassador.