International fulfillment simplified for DTC brands

Airhouse is the only logistics provider that manages every element of international expansion in-house, from securing and maintaining compliance to calculating landed costs.

Keep compliant across multiple nations' customs authorities
Fulfill DTC and B2B orders from warehouses both domestic and abroad
Track your landed costs and tax liability in one itemized invoice
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Leveling the international playing field

Avg. cost savings per 2-lb. DTC order
Total consumers accessible in one week or less from UK warehouse
Expected conversion lift at checkout
Brands using Airhouse launch international fulfillment 90% faster
Delivery to anywhere inside the United Kingdom

1 partner. 3 core functions. Endless benefits.

International expansion was once a growth strategy reserved for large companies. Now DTC brands of all shapes and sizes can reach global markets. Airhouse bundles the services of a dozen vendors into one contract to strip away all of the complexity—and none of the ownership.
Import and sell goods abroad with the confidence your company is fully compliant with local regulations.
EORI registration and Customs clearance
Automatic VAT calculation
DDU and DDP options at checkout
Local representative for added peace of mind
Reach new markets with international shipping for domestic prices in as little as 12 weeks.
Localized warehousing
Freight and import coordination
DTC and wholesale order management
Dedicated Account Manager
Negotiated carrier rates
Automatically calculate duties and taxes on each order and track your expenses on a single bill for simple reconciliation.
Automatic landed cost calculation
Itemized billing
Quarterly VAT compilation and invoicing —in-line with international requirements
Real-time inventory, order, and cost management
Currency exchange
 International fulfillment strategy

Any kind of fulfillment, your way

Whether you want to ship DTC orders from the U.S., wholesale P.O.s in the U.K., or a wild combination of domestic and international B2B and DTC, Airhouse can support your operations. We’ll consult with you to determine the best warehouses, services, and carriers, so you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like.

4 stages of international expansion

1. US → Anywhere
Fulfill from the U.S.
Not ready to move operations abroad? No problem. Easily fulfill international orders from one of our U.S. warehouses.
  • Automatic landed cost calculation
  • Option to ship DDP or DDU
2. UK → UK
Fulfill within the UK
Fulfill international orders for domestic prices.
  • Access domestic shipping prices for UK customers
  • Automatic VAT calculation and collection
  • Airhouse-coordinated inventory importing
3. UK → Abroad
Fulfill from abroad
Access international consumer markets without the expense of overseas shipping.
  • Reduce international shipping costs by 5x
  • Airhouse-coordinated inventory importing
  • Automatic landed cost calculation
  • Option to ship DDU or DDP
4. Anywhere → Everywhere
Fulfill from a global warehouse network
Fully optimize your operations with multiple origin points across the world.
  • Coming soon: Airhouse Canada and Australia
One itemized bill for all fulfillment fees, customs duties, and taxes
Getting started

What it takes to begin international order fulfillment with Airhouse

1. You provide Airhouse with information about your company. We handle the documentation to register you with all the necessary agencies so you can compliantly sell abroad.

2. Airhouse will arrange to import your product to the UK and connect you will a local liaison to ensure the freight is cleared at customs and received by the warehouse.

3. You sync your store with the warehouse, turn on fulfillment, and watch the sales start rolling in.

4. Airhouse’s UK warehouse will fulfill orders as they’re placed, track applicable duties, taxes, and fees, and bill all expenses through your one monthly invoice.

5. Some UK taxes must be paid directly by your company. But don’t worry—Airhouse will track and reconcile these charges and prepare a separate bill when it’s time to file.
Simplified billing

One invoice for international fulfillment

All customs duties and taxes are charged through an Airhouse invoice in U.S. dollars, so you don’t have to fuss with currencies and other complicated math.
Airhouse simplified billing dashboard

Our research found that 50% of DTC brands already fulfill orders internationally.

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