How I Failed: From $250 million to 0 with Shyp

Secret Leaders

Shyp started in 2013 when Kevin Gibbon had the idea of taking the Uber model and using it for shipping. He created an on-demand service, Shyp, where customers would take a picture of what they wanted to send, a courier would come pick it up, and then take it to a warehouse to be packaged and delivered using major shipping companies. At their peak they were valued at $250 million dollars. But the company failed. So, what went wrong?
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Host: Dan Murray-Serter

Dan is a Co-Founder of Infamous Media and braincare company, Heights. Dan is also a multi-award-winning serial entrepreneur & Co-Founder of Foundrs - a community company.

Guest: Kevin Gibbon

Sometimes the misplaced step offers the most profound and lasting insight. Innately entrepreneurial, Airhouse CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Gibbon got his start in tech developing software for major aerospace players like Boeing and Raytheon. After a few years, he set out to carve his own path, building Shyp, attracting $62.1M in funding, and landing on Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies list. Unfortunately, Shyp was a bright star that ultimately burned out, but Kevin walked away from the experience equipped with reams of priceless insight. At Airhouse, he’s applying that insight to revolutionize the way DTC e-commerce brands scale logistics.