Lessons from Business Failure with Kevin Gibbon

Going Deep with Aaron Watson

In this episode, Aaron and Kevin Gibbon, Co-Founder and CEO at Airhouse, talk about what Kevin learned from Shyp’s failure, the challenges of operating a good distribution center, and the opportunity for DTC brands to expand internationally. Kevin Gibbon’s Challenge: Go set a scary goal and act on it.
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Host: Aaron Watson

Aaron is an entrepreneur and podcast host. He co-founded a company called Piper Creative in 2018. He helps clients produce content (podcasts, YouTube videos, etc.) that is both effective and affordable. He uses his podcast to interview competent, effective entrepreneurs, investors, and executives from all sorts of different industries. When he's not producing podcasts, getting coffee, or diving down internet rabbit holes, he's reading books and training.

Guest: Kevin Gibbon

Sometimes the misplaced step offers the most profound and lasting insight. Innately entrepreneurial, Airhouse CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Gibbon got his start in tech developing software for major aerospace players like Boeing and Raytheon. After a few years, he set out to carve his own path, building Shyp, attracting $62.1M in funding, and landing on Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies list. Unfortunately, Shyp was a bright star that ultimately burned out, but Kevin walked away from the experience equipped with reams of priceless insight. At Airhouse, he’s applying that insight to revolutionize the way DTC e-commerce brands scale logistics.