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An Airhouse year in review: 2022

Dec 28, 2022





Airhouse Team Grows in 2022

It’s December, and Airhouse just completed its biggest year of growth since officially launching publicly in mid-2020.

This year, we doubled down on our mission of empowering DTC brands to grow with simplified, affordable ecommerce fulfillment. We’ve made significant investments into both the technical capabilities of our software and the strategic partnerships that will allow our customers to run efficient, scalable operations.

We’re looking back on the big announcements we made throughout the year. If you didn’t have the time to read all the blog posts and release notes we shared, now’s your chance to catch up.

Airhouse raised $11 million Series A

In March, Airhouse closed an $11 million Series A round to invest aggressively in our vision of building the world’s #1 ecommerce operations platform for high-growth, modern brands. We also grew our team, expanding our Engineering, Operations and Customer Success teams to further improve on-the-ground support in warehouses and continue to provide hands-on support for customers’ day-to-day operations.

We’ve also grown our warehouse network capacity by 6x across the United States and into the UK, helping customers improve all markers of excellent fulfillment: faster delivery times, lower fulfillment and shipping costs, maintained high on-time fulfillment performance (average 99% order processing across all Airhouse locations), and even more multiwarehouse nodes to optimize fulfillment for brands shipping high volumes and/or heavy products.

This brings us to our next milestone for 2022.

Airhouse went global through a partnership with SEKO

In October, we announced our international partnership with SEKO Logistics—one of the largest global 3PLs in the world—which empowers brands using the Airhouse fulfillment platform to expand their operations globally, with access to 52 warehouses across 40 countries.

State-of-the-art warehouses like SEKO’s, which are out of reach for smaller brands to high order minimums, are now available to every Airhouse customer. For small and fast-growing brands, working with traditional 3PLs is extremely time-consuming, and expanding internationally typically takes over a year to plan—from simply locating and signing on with a partner, to ensuring nuts and bolts like customs and compliance are ironed out. Through such partnerships, we’re leveling the playing field for emerging brands to make international expansion and access to high-quality partners turnkey from day one.

This year’s big product news

Customer feedback is and will always be what drives our product roadmap. This year we further refined existing features within Airhouse and launched a host of new capabilities to improve workflows and cost control tools to help teams run distribution more accurately and efficiently.

All in all, we introduced three major features, with many more in development to launch in Q1 2023:


Projects and services traditionally require customers to correspond with account teams over email. We’ve added the ability to get quotes and add instructions for a range of common projects in app, including: kitting, barcoding, restock, case creation and breakdown, wholesale orders, inventory audits, and others.

Airhouse Projects Dashboard

For more, see our help article.

Freight coordination and updated Restock workflow

Earlier this year we made updates to the Restock dashboard to speed up large inbound inventory shipments and added the ability to communicate special delivery notes and send customized packaging in app, instead of over email.

Updated Restock workflow in Airhouse

Additionally, customers can request freight coordination with Airhouse anywhere in the continental United States. Whether your product is currently at the manufacturer, a different warehouse, or another location, you can request freight coordination directly through Airhouse when setting up your inbound shipment.

Freight coordination in Airhouse

For more information, please see our help articles on Restock and freight coordination.

Shipping rate estimator

In the first of many coming features around rates and cost accuracy, we’ve added an in-app tool to estimate shipping costs for a single shipment based on the shipment’s destination (zip code), dimensions, and weight. This feature currently calculates estimates for packages shipping from and to the United States, with international rate estimates coming soon.

Shipping Rate Estimator in Airhouse

Read our help article to learn more.

Exceeding customer expectations on G2

At Airhouse, every year is the year of the customer, but in 2022 we really doubled down. And it shows. In our first year collecting Airhouse reviews on G2, we’re walking away with 33 awards across the Fall and Winter reports. 

Airhouse earns 7 leader badges from G2

We want to send a thank you to all of our customers who have trusted us as their fulfillment partner and shared their stories with us on G2 and look forward to growing with you in the new year and beyond.

On to 2023

Curious about what’s in the works for 2023? Watch a preview from our Co-Founder and CEO, Kevin Gibbon, previewing some of what’s to come.

Want to see what Airhouse can do for your fulfillment in 2023? Schedule a free fulfillment review.

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