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Why Airhouse is a G2 Shipping High Performer

Oct 26, 2022





Everyone in the fulfillment world talks a big game, but talk is cheap. What matters is what happens where the rubber meets the road: that SLAs are met and orders arrive on time. At Airhouse, we’re proud to say that when it comes to shipping, we’re ready to put money where our mouth is. 

Airhouse has consistently been named a High Performer in G2’s Shipping Report. Our customers gave us a 99% satisfaction rating for both inventory reports and quality of service, and almost unilaterally agreed they’d recommend working with us. 

So, what makes Airhouse so special? We’re glad you asked. 

Reliable fulfillment built for breakneck growth

Airhouse was designed with high-growth ecommerce brands in mind. Our mission is to provide an all-in-one fulfillment service that takes the complexity out of logistics through powerful but intuitive software, transparent pricing, and a scalable warehouse network. 

When you ship through Airhouse, this is what you can expect:

  • 99% average on-time delivery
  • 99.5% average order and inventory accuracy 
  • 12-hour average B2C order turnaround (24-hour guaranteed)
“Coming from a Fortune 500 background previously, I know what great fulfillment logistics look like, and I have truly been so impressed with Airhouse—both the individual team members and the company's capabilities.” – G2 review

Order, inventory, and returns tracking in real time

To keep you in the know, we built our software with real-time reporting. Airhouse customers can track the status of every individual order, inventory shipment, and return through our dashboards. The data is updated in real time, providing a clear picture of what’s happening at the warehouse, and giving customers the peace of mind that things are running as they should. 

Plus, we provide an itemized receipt for every order—from the order base to the pick fees, the shipping label to carrier surcharges, it’s all priced out so customers have full transparency into their costs and can plan accordingly.

“At Airhouse, we have a dedicated account manager who is available via email and will pick up the phone when you call. When you're shipping time-sensitive products, you need accountability; we found that at Airhouse.” – G2 review

Our managed warehouse network

With traditional 3PLs, there’s no way to know if they can live up to their promises without taking a chance and putting them to the test. Airhouse provides a solution to this problem: Through our managed warehouse network, we take on the responsibility of vetting warehouses, testing SLAs, and verifying DTC and B2B fulfillment expertise. We only partner with warehouses that meet our 25+ requirements (of which only about 20% do), so our customers get the best possible service. 

If a warehouse begins to underperform, we move our customers to another within our network, free of charge. We also take on the responsibility of negotiating lower rates with the shipping carriers and pass the savings on to our customers. The network approach allows Airhouse—and our customers, by extension—to expand quickly as order volume grows, so businesses can grow without limits. 

"To be totally honest, my biggest frustration with Airhouse is not moving to them sooner. ... Airhouse was one of the last that we spoke with, and we were admittedly skeptical of their model. We decided to give them a shot, and we were blown away by their speed, accuracy, and precision. Instead of emailing our 3PL ten times a day (literally) - Airhouse just gets things done right the first time, so we can focus on running our business and growing our brand." – G2 review

International shipping at domestic prices

This fall, Airhouse announced its partnership with SEKO Logistics—a 40-country global network of warehouses and one of the best direct-to-consumer 3PLs in the world. With an international presence, Airhouse is able to store and ship inventory from multiple countries, reducing shipping costs by as much as 85%—as compared to shipping only from the United States—and delivering orders in as little as 1-2 days. 

Traditionally, domestic ecommerce brands have spent as long as 1-2 years trying to expand beyond the United States. Airhouse is taking the complexity out of international expansion so our customers can expand into new markets without delay.

"The switch to Airhouse has been night and day. Orders are going out faster than ever and with very little to no mistakes. Our customers have even commented on how fast they received their orders." – G2 review

Still not convinced? 

If you want to learn more about what our customers think of Airhouse, visit our G2 page. We thank our customers who have trusted us to manage their fulfillment operations and have shared their stories with us. 

To see the platform for yourself, schedule a call with us today. 

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