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New feature: International shipping rates

Mar 30, 2023





International Shipping Rates

Shipping gets expensive, and understanding your costs upfront can be complicated. It’s one thing to calculate your domestic shipping, but it’s another thing to zero in on your international shipping rates. With different tax codes to be followed and duties to be paid, expenses add up quickly and impact your bottom line. 

Last year we launched our Shipping Rate Estimator, which allows Airhouse customers to estimate shipping costs for a single shipment based on the package's destination (zip code), dimensions, and weight. And just last month we launched Carrier-Calculated Checkout Rates, which allow Airhouse customers to customize the shipping options they provide at checkout (carrier and method). Now, we’re expanding on these features to include international shipping rates.

Introducing international shipping rates with Airhouse

We’re excited to share that as a logical next step toward simplifying shipping rates, the Airhouse Shipping Rate Estimator and Carrier-Calculated Checkout Rates can now generate international shipping rates from a US origin. 

All international shipping rates displayed by these features are DDU (delivered duties unpaid) and are not inclusive of all potential customs, duty, or tax fees.

Benefits of Airhouse’s Shipping Rate Estimator

Using the Shipping Rate Estimator, you can get better clarity into the full landed cost of a given shipment, which can be useful to understand how to price shipping for your customers, and how much to invoice wholesale vendors and stockists. Because fuel and other surcharges from shipping carriers change frequently, your landed cost estimate will include all of the following:

  • Base shipping label cost
  • Area surcharges
  • Handling surcharges
  • Fuel surcharges
  • Peak surcharges
  • Residential surcharges
  • Miscellaneous surcharges

Benefits of Carrier-Calculated Checkout Rates

Calculated shipping rates are determined at checkout by a third-party shipping carrier based on the details of the order. This feature helps you charge your customers the exact amount that a shipping carrier, such as UPS or FedEx, will charge when purchasing a shipping label. 

To go a little further, Airhouse customers using this feature can:

  • Set up shipping preferences directly in Airhouse
  • Offer customers the cheapest shipping method available across multiple shipping speeds (economy, standard, expedited, and overnight)
  • Customize which shipping carriers you offer and how options are displayed in the checkout cart
  • Accurately charge customers for the cost of shipping their order
  • Upcharge on the cost of shipping, either a percentage or flat rate

Alongside Airhouse’s transparent billing approach and in-app invoicing, this is the first of many changes we’re rolling out over the coming months to provide deeper clarity into your fulfillment and operating costs.

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