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Co-founders Tobias Green and Jordan Koplowitz launched Caldo, a home goods company, in 2018. Tobias and Jordan share a mutual love for cooking. Jordan ran a supper club out of his home in San Francisco, and Tobias was a professional cook. When Tobias left his job, Jordan reached out to design a kitchen product, and so the two started whipping up apron designs. People loved Caldo’s beautiful, high-quality aprons from the get-go and couldn’t get enough of their products, but finding the right 3PL proved to be difficult.

Here’s their story.


The challenge

DTC fulfullment... as marketing?

When we launched the company, we started out with a tiny inventory run of a few hundred units to see what the demand looked like—would people want to buy our products? We put the first units up on Amazon and fulfilled via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Over the coming months, sales picked up, we created more products, gained momentum, and in as little as one year we decided to go big with our branding and officially launched Caldo.

Later that year, we moved out of Amazon and onto Shopify, setting up our DIY warehouse in Jordan’s basement. At the time, we were looking for a 3PL so that we could meet the demands of our scaling brand. However, we quickly learned that they all had minimums, and after months of research we still couldn’t find a single one that would match our volume. Eventually, we located a B2B facility to do half of what we needed—receive master cartons from manufacturers and route to our office and FBA—but nobody was able to do all of the fulfillment, for both FBA and Shopify orders. We were at our wits’ end processing orders and were desperate to move out of Jordan’s basement when we found Airhouse.

"Airhouse is the whole package. We love the price for the value they offer. The team is super hands-on, very personal, and goes out of their way to solve our problems. We’re big fans."

Co-Founder of Caldo

The solution


The challenge – and a solution

Airhouse’s pricing was super reasonable. In fact, we expected it to be a bit more similar to what we saw with other services—high setup fees and minimums. We were used to Amazon’s pricing which is higher per unit, too. We were more than ready to get this off of Jordan’s plate and felt good about what Airhouse had to offer—there was no hesitation at all. Once we signed, the entire onboarding process, including the implementation and Shopify sync, all took less than one day’s worth of work. Everything was stocked and ready to ship in one week total.

It was so easy—I felt like Airhouse had all of the onboarding documents and instructions laid out in a way that was phenomenally easy to understand compared to our B2B warehouse. Our previous warehouse’s backend system was ancient and laborious. Sending Airhouse our tracking numbers was seamless and took all of a couple of minutes. It was a super low-stress experience.

We use Airhouse today to ship orders around the US, all packaged in custom Caldo mailers with thank you cards to give a personal touch.

Caldo packaging

At our past warehouse, we kept getting responses from different people and it felt like the team didn’t know us, like we were just another ticket in a support queue. Airhouse’s team is hands-on, very personal, and goes out of their way to solve problems. We are big fans of their customer service, and I’d recommend Airhouse to anyone who wants to upgrade their fulfillment.

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