Customer Stories

Airhouse helps companies automate their operations and focus on scaling. Read their success stories.


Hamam's first international fulfillment provider lost 20% of the brand's inventory and used outdated technology. Airhouse enabled Hamam to cut costs and provide a better customer experience.


SaaS company Atrium uses physical marketing assets to stay top-of-mind with prospective customers. Airhouse's low costs allow the company to run a successful B2B marketing strategy without breaking the bank.


When supply chain woes nearly cost Bask their summer season, the suncare brand turned to Airhouse.


Superculture made their way through several small warehouses before realizing they needed a more modern, streamlined solution if they wanted to scale. With Airhouse, they now have a centralized, efficient fulfillment operation.


With Airhouse, AÏYA CANDLE CO delivers a high-end unboxing experience for their fragile goods, all while reducing the amount of time spent on fulfillment per week.


Founder Michael Huffstetler picked Airhouse above six other fulfillment options to help launch his sun care brand, Bask. Several months in and growing fast, he finds the experience of working with Airhouse “phenomenal.”


After speaking with 15 different 3PLs, Daysmith co-founders signed with a partner whose network wasn’t equipped to handle beverage fulfillment. Now with Airhouse, their warehouse has expertise in shipping consumer goods and proactively provides cost-cutting advice.

Magic Mind

When fulfilling orders from their manufacturer became inefficient, Magic Mind sought a solution that could scale. With Airhouse, the team was able to 5x their order volume—affordably and seamlessly.


With Airhouse, Temper’s order-related customer support emails went down 85%, freeing them up to focus on growth.

Common Era

Founder Torie Tilley had ambitious growth goals when she launched Common Era. With sales doubling every month, Airhouse helped set her up to scale from day one.

Not Pot

With Airhouse, Not Pot was able to implement marketing experiments in <24 hrs and scale quickly with automated ecommerce operations.

White Rabbit

Co-founders Mariana and Cristian launched White Rabbit, an eco-friendly underwear company in 2016. The duo turned to Airhouse to give them time back for product development.


With Airhouse, co-founders Tobias and Jordan were able to get up and running in a week with a modern operations platform that fit their needs.

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