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Magic Mind is a productivity drink that was designed for long-term improvement in cognition, energy, and stress maintenance. In 2020 it was named “Silicon Valley’s new morning elixir” by Forbes. Here’s their story, as told by Magic Mind President William Hicks.


The challenge

DTC fulfullment... as marketing?

Before Airhouse, our manufacturer used to handle our order fulfillment. They were a mom-and-pop shop, so their system was rudimentary and not tech-forward. There was no transparency into the pick-and-pack process or visibility into order statuses, so we didn’t have any information about a given order until the tracking number came through. On top of that, they couldn’t get through all of our orders each day, so orders weren’t shipping out on time.

We knew we wanted to change our manufacturer, and the fact that we couldn’t scale with them was a big issue for us. So, we began the search for a new manufacturer and 3PL at the same time.

When searching for a warehouse, the main things we were looking for were order visibility, being able to operationally keep up with our growing volume, and responsiveness from their support team. Because primarily selling D2C means we have to be very cost-conscious, we also wanted a fulfillment option whose pricing made sense.

I toured three different facilities before choosing Airhouse. A couple of them didn’t seem like they could scale with us, and the other appeared like it could handle our growth, but was too expensive. We ultimately went with Airhouse because of its scalability and competitive pricing.

“I’ve managed several warehouses. Working with Airhouse has been the most seamless fulfillment experience I’ve ever had.”

President of Magic Mind

The solution


The challenge – and a solution

Since we switched to Airhouse everything’s been working flawlessly.

In my current and previous roles, I’ve managed several warehouses. Usually, to get started I’ve had to fill out long, antiquated forms either manually or through a CSV file. Airhouse setup was the opposite of that, super quick and easy. The ability to have a one-click link through to the Shopify app is great. Warehouse management systems are notoriously archaic, but Airhouse has translated the chaos into a simple user interface that is super valuable and easy to use.

Getting orders shipped in a timely manner is very important for us. Airhouse has helped eliminate fulfillment delays and even helped us recognize cheaper shipping method options for our product. We’ve been able to 5x our order volume since partnering with Airhouse, and plan on tripling that volume by the end of our next quarter.

At first, I had reservations about Airhouse because I feared adding a management layer between our company and the warehouse would cause issues. In actuality, it’s been a big help to have a dedicated Account Manager and this has been the most seamless warehouse experience I’ve had. Previously we had to monitor fulfillment daily, and now I don’t touch it most days. I check in with the Airhouse team about once a week for small things, but that’s about it. Any technical issues that arise from time to time are always taken care of quickly with transparent communication.

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As a lean team, I oversee all operations, performance marketing, and retail efforts, so the more time I can spend out of things like fulfillment management, the better it is for the business. I can easily say that using Airhouse has proven to be a huge time-saving decision for our business.

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