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Kati Holland started Not Pot in 2017. Not Pot’s cult-favorite CBD gummies stand out in a sea of wellness products for their quirky, fun branding, social mission, and delightful, high-quality formulas.

The missing piece? Ecommerce operations as thorough and thoughtful as the rest of their company.

Like most companies, by the time they began using Airhouse, they were deeply familiar with the different logistics pitfalls and challenges facing direct-to-consumer brands by traditional (and even “modern”) solutions. Their big needs: simple pricing for forecasting and the ability to run growth experiments.

Here’s their story.


The challenge

DTC fulfullment... as marketing?

Airhouse was our second 3PL. We’re super familiar with the space and have conducted extensive research and cost/service comparisons on warehouse options. Before Airhouse, we were using a popular solution targeting startups and small businesses. It did the basics, but doing anything else was almost impossible.

In late 2019, we decided we needed a new 3PL to help us grow. Given we reach customers 100% through ecommerce, fulfillment being merely “good enough” quickly becomes a blocker.

Why? One, social media is a key component of our marketing strategy, so promotions and giveaways are critical to helping us reach our customers. Our last warehouse wouldn’t let us use branded materials or modify those little extras that we put in the box without it being a huge hassle or adding significant cost. Two, we needed someone to help us ship wholesale, which our previous 3PL was not designed to handle. And three, we have a few nuances in our operations in that we ship subscriptions, and need to queue those properly and account for them in inventory alongside new one-off orders.

"Airhouse helped us kick off new growth programs, like selling wholesale and working with influencers, with easy setup and rates. We couldn’t do any of this with our last warehouse."

Founder + CEO of Not Pot

The solution


The challenge – and a solution

When we signed on to use Airhouse in October 2019, the first thing we shipped was a set of branded potatoes with a Not Pot recipe card, as a fun surprise for our most loyal customers. The team received and fulfilled thousands of orders in just two days, and the promotion was a hit. In April, we surprised a group of our Instagram followers with new merchandise prior to releasing it in our shop. Behind the scenes, this was super easy: we submitted requirements to Airhouse, added the orders, sent the product, and everything went out without any extra work from us.

While planning new surprises for our followers, we still ship our standard products, and since starting with Airhouse have quickly manufactured and stocked new flavors to meet demand. Our standard orders require some customization that Airhouse handles for us without added cost: we use custom shipping tape, a branded bag and branded stickers. The flexibility here is critical for us.

The team is also hands-on with support. We’re able to see the state of the product in our warehouse remotely through photos without visiting, get inventory inspections when products are received, and have test shipments sent to us when we need them. The team knows our account in and out, too, so we don’t need to explain any issues we’re seeing once we notify them—they get fixed in a few hours, which helps us update our own customers about orders quickly, too. On top of this, the dashboard is super easy to use for our whole team.

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As a lean team, Airhouse is a key partner at this stage of our growth. They feel like an extension of our core team, and we’re able to try things we couldn’t before.

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